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What is StackBlitz Teams

StackBlitz Teams is designed to allow you to build the web with the web; collaboratively! Built on top of the time-tested StackBlitz platform, Teams creates a secure, private workspace for you and your teammates, making it easier to code together, review each other’s pull requests, and manage your projects and shared templates.

💡 Read the Teams announcement blog post here

Why StackBlitz Teams?

Collaboration Made Easy

Traditionally, collaborating on coding projects required setting up complex repositories in local development environments, a high friction, low security process that introduces the classic “it works on my machine” style issues into the code collaboration process. StackBlitz Teams eliminates all of these issues by providing a consistent, performant and secure in-browser development environment where team members can collaborate seamlessly.

Integrated with your GitHub Organization

StackBlitz Teams seamlessly integrates with your existing GitHub organization and all its existing permissions settings. This means that team members can easily access the workspace and collaborate on both public and private GitHub repositories without any additional configuration.

One-click Pull Request Reviews

Say goodbye to the cumbersome process of local code reviews. With StackBlitz Teams, you can directly jump into any pull request with a single click. Our in-browser staging server makes the review process swift and efficient and ensures the code is actually executed (not just read over) before being pushed to production.

Key Features

Collaborate on Public and Private Projects

While StackBlitz has been a go-to for public projects and educational resources, StackBlitz Teams extends this functionality into multiplayer private projects and repositories. You can now collaborate on private projects and organize them in shared collections.

Private NPM Packages

StackBlitz Teams is not just limited to public npm packages. With our integration to private package registries like Jfrog Artifactory and Sonatype Nexus, you can now make use of private npm packages within your Teams workspace.

Environment Secrets

StackBlitz Teams allows you to add environment variables to your workspace, offering a secure way to connect to external services without exposing sensitive information.

Codeflow Editor (Beta)

Experience a fully-featured, VS Code based editing environment complete with an in-browser Node.js environment, terminal, and support for package management and VS Code extensions. Currently in beta, this feature provides a production grade editing environment already familiar to your dev team.

Getting Started

Starting with StackBlitz Teams is straightforward—simply connect it to your GitHub organization and you're ready to collaborate! We even offer a 14-day free trial to get you started.