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StackBlitz Enterprise Server

Welcome to StackBlitz Enterprise Server

Unlock the full potential of your frontend development team with StackBlitz Enterprise Server. Designed specifically for large teams in high-security environments, this premium offering provides an unparalleled browser-based IDE experience— on your own infrastructure, behind the corporate firewall/VPN.

Key Features

  • Private NPM Registry Integration: Incorporate your proprietary npm packages into the development process
  • Custom SSO Integration: Integrate with your existing Single Sign-On solution for streamlined, secure access
  • On-prem Installation Support: Get direct assistance with setting up StackBlitz Enterprise Server within your own network
  • Dedicated Customer Success Engineer: Benefit from the personalized support of a dedicated Customer Success Engineer and specialized DevOps support to ensure you're getting the most out of your investment
  • Multi-Channel Support: Stay connected and resolve issues quickly with Zoom, phone, and email support options

Beta Features

  • WebContainers for Node.js Toolchains: Full node.js dev server and terminal running locally in the browser
  • Codeflow: Elevate your code editing capabilities with our in-browser VS Code based editor, with extension support
  • Enterprise Git Provider Integration: Leverage your existing version control systems for even more streamlined workflows.
  • Live code examples for your design system documentation
  • Prototype rapidly in-browser without any setup
  • Reproduce and resolve bugs efficiently
  • Facilitate seamless collaborations across engineering, design, marketing, and other departments
  • Experiment with beta features to enable production development workflows directly in the browser!

Level up your team's development capabilities with StackBlitz Enterprise Server, where security, scalability, and efficiency meet.

Let's get started setting up StackBlitz Enterprise Server.

Before you begin, you will need a license key. If you don't yet have one, please reach out to or visit to work with our sales team to get you started!