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What is Codeflow?

Codeflow is a one-click integration with GitHub for seamless coding workflows.

Note: StackBlitz Codeflow is currently in Beta

Please review our FAQ for current limitations and let us know if you find bugs!

StackBlitz now helps you switch contexts seamlessly:

  • Codeflow IDE is a fully fledged desktop-grade dev environment capable of running your whole workflow - from production-level dev work to reviewing pull requests.
  • Web Publisher is a publishing tool that makes editing docs or blogs pleasant thanks to a realtime preview of the changes.
  • is a short URL that can be used on any repository to explore code, a branch or an issue, to review a PR, or even to edit a file, all in a live environment with a realtime preview.
  • CodeflowApp is a friendly bot, which provides a one-click link that spins up the whole environment for pull requests and issues. No more context-switching or branch-checkouts, just a new browser tab with a full IDE and a dev server running.

Key features

  • 🔒 unmatched security: all development is happening in your browser tab, including running Node.js, git, package managers (npm, yarn, pnpm), and local extensions.
  • ⚡️ shockingly fast: the entire dev environment spins up in milliseconds - even reinstalling node_modules is as simple as refreshing the page, with pnpm running up to four times as fast as locally!
  • 💻 works online and offline: continue your work even when you lose the Internet connection midway.
  • 🔥 your environment is always online: your apps never go to sleep and have no bandwidth limits - share the URL with as many friends, colleagues, and communities as you’d like!
  • 🆓 always free for Open Source: you're the future of the web development and we love you.


Excited to try it yourself? Try these:


Understand the Codeflow better! Read about:

You can also check our Frequently Asked Questions page.

Add Codeflow to your project

Follow these handy integration guides to link your project to Codeflow within minutes:

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What about other online IDEs?

Unlike StackBlitz, legacy online IDEs run on remote servers and stream the results back to your browser. This approach yields few security benefits and provides a worse experience than your local machine in nearly every way.

StackBlitz solves these problems by doing all computing inside your browser. This leverages decades of speed and security innovations but also unlocks key development and debugging benefits.

Lastly, StackBlitz is capable of running Node.js inside the browser so you can use the web to build the web.

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