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Managing your Team

Each StackBlitz Team must be linked in a 1:1 relationship with a corresponding Github Organization.


In the future we plan to support additional version control providers & Teams creation pathways. If linking to a Github Org doesn’t work for you, please reach out and let us know how we can meet your team’s needs!

Creating a Team

To create a StackBlitz Team:

  1. Navigate to

  2. Login with a Github account that has Administrator privileges for the Github Organization you will be using to create your StackBlitz Team

  3. Click “Select a Team” and click the Github Organization you want to upgrade to StackBlitz Teams Select a team

  4. Select which members of your Github Organization you want to have a paid StackBlitz Teams account Select members

  5. Either: Start a 14 day free trial OR Skip trial and checkout

  6. Notify Invited Team Members

  7. Enjoy frictionless collaboration with your team!

Upgrading during or after your free trial

If you opt for the free trial, you will need to add a payment method before the trial expires to continue using the paid Teams features. To do so:

  1. Click “Update Billing” on the trial banner Trial banner
  2. Click “Change billing method” Billing Method
  3. Add a payment method Payment Method

Your StackBlitz Team will now automatically renew as a paid Teams plan at the end of your free trial!

Deleting a Team

This action cannot be undone.

All the projects and collections belonging to this organization will be deleted. Connected GitHub organization will remain intact.

To permanently delete your Team:

  1. Navigate to Settings
  2. Select the Team you want to remove from list labeled "Your teams"
  3. Navigate to the Profile tab
  4. Click Delete team under "Delete this organization" and confirm by clicking the prompt.