Importing Projects

Upload From Your Computer

With your desired StackBlitz project open, simply drag and drop any files and folder you want to import:

Import from Github

You can run any public repo on Github by providing the username + repo name like so:{GH_USERNAME}/{REPO_NAME}

And you can also optionally specify a branch, tag, or commit:


Automatically stays in sync with your repo

Whenever you push commits to Github, the corresponding StackBlitz project automatically updates with the latest changes — ensuring Github remains your code’s source of truth.

Supported project types

We currently support projects using @angular/cli and create-react-app. Support for Ionic, Vue, and custom webpack configs is coming soon!

StackBlitz API

You can create new StackBlitz projects programmatically from any data source using our POST API or the openProject & embedProject methods in our Javascript SDK.