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Getting Started

Here is our quick guide to get started on StackBlitz NOW!

How To Pick Your Framework#

Whether you're on the StackBlitz homepage or signed into your StackBlitz account, the dashboard will showcase starter projects for you to choose from! Check out the Supported Frameworks page to see a full list of technologies that we support.

Project Starter Dashboard

You can also use these domains to quickly start up a project!#

By default, forks the 'hello-world' example from the NextJS repo, but you can choose from any of their examples by appending it into the URL path. Examples include:

Adding Packages & Installing Dependencies#

Importing libraries is a critical and common part of developing apps. That’s why StackBlitz includes an in-browser npm client that supports installing multiple packages and specific versions simultaneously (Ex: react react-dom redux@3.7.2).

You can also copy & paste code snippets from docs/blogs/etc into the editor and StackBlitz will automatically detect the packages you’re missing.

Adding packages & installing dependencies

Edit Offline!#

StackBlitz utilizes Progressive Web App (PWA) APIs to run a live dev server in-browser, so you can keep on coding whether you’re in a plane, on a train, or backseat Uber-ing in the rain (!):

Edit offline

Import Existing Files & Folders#

You can easily import existing files and folders by dragging and dropping them into the editor! No more copy + pasting, uploading, or git commands. Your browser immediately parses local files and folders and rebundles your project for you!

Drag and drop folders and files

Additional Resources#

  • StackBlitz GitHub Core Repo: Check out dev notes and progress on features being added!
  • Learn about Turbo! 5x faster than yarn and npm & runs natively in your browser!