Air Gapped Installs

StackBlitz supports air gapped installations for networks that have restricted outbound network access. Air gapped installs will not require outbound network access, but application and license updates will need to be applied manually.

Installing to an Existing Cluster

For air gapped installations, you will need to have access to a container image registry where images from the air gapped bundled will be mirrored and re-tagged. You will also need to have an enterprise license with air gapping enabled. Contact if you need one.

Downloading Releases for Installation

You will need to download a few things from your StackBlitz Enterprise license page:

  • A StackBlitz Enterprise Edition License
  • Kots CLI (if not already installed)
  • Kots Admin Console release that matches the installed Kots CLI version
  • Latest StackBlitz Enterprise release bundle (.airgap file)

You can also download the Support Bundle CLI if you need to create a support bundle for troubleshooting.

On a workstation that has kubectl access to the cluster, check to see if kots is installed by running kubectl kots version. If kots needs to be installed, you can run:

curl | bash

or download the latest version from the StackBlitz license download page for an offline version. Once kots has been installed, run kubectl kots version and download the corresponding Kots Admin Console release from the license download page, you should receive a file named kotsadm.tar.gz.

Installing the Admin Console

Once you have the kots and the matching Admin Console release, you'll need run the following command with your container image registry hostname and credentials to mirror the images required to run the Admin Console to your container image registry:

kubectl kots admin-console push-images ./kotsadm.tar.gz \
--registry-username readwrite-username \
--registry-password readwrite-password

And then run the following command to install the Admin Console to your cluster, providing the details for your container image registry hostname and credentials:

kubectl kots install --kotsadm-registry \
--registry-username readonly-username \
--registry-password readonly-password \

The installer will prompt for a namespace where StackBlitz will be installed in, and a password for the admin console.

Providing Your License and Bundle

Once the Admin panel is up and running, you'll need to provide your license. If your license has air gapping enabled, you will be prompted for read/write registry credentials for mirroring the images from the .airgap bundle to your container registry.

Air Gap Registry Config

Once you submit your credentials and upload your air gapped bundle, the images will be mirrorred to your container registry and then you will be prompted to configure your application.

Air Gap Image Mirroring

Check the Administrator Guide for more details on how to configure all of the options in the Admin Console.

Console Config